Bite Nites

I want to introduce you to a series that I hope will be once a week.

It will reflect the Bible study that is ongoing at church and will consist of bite-size portions of reflection for anything or everything that is discussed.  As such they are more likely to appear towards the end of the week, ready for the weekend, but I will attempt to write them mid-week if time allows.

I believe it will assist my growth, by revisiting the material, and in doing so I hope to help anyone else who reads the bite nites series of posts; they will all appear under the category for Bite Nites and I’ll sort out an icon of some sort to highlight them.

I’m not promising it’ll be concise, as some meaty topics are sometimes covered over many weeks, but there are times when what we include is complete within the one evening; be warned, the size of the posts will vary as much as the topic range and complexity.

Now, having said all that we’re right at the start of the holiday season, so Bible study is being replaced with prayer activities for the majority of August.  What I will probably do initially is discuss some of the more recent evening studies, and then pick up the stream of things at the end of August.